Haunted Investigations is a indie horror game made by Carl aka "reaver". The game is about you exploring many different horror maps. The game is constantly expanding with new content, greater scares and more gadgets for you to play with. Aiming to be the most horrifying gaming experience ever. Register now and try out the demo!
The game is in Beta Version - V0.8
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I'm very happy to say that we finally got greenlight! The final version of the game will be available here and on Steam later this year. Thank you all so much!

Let us finish this together

Hi guys, been a while and I have some great news. Haunted Investigations is in the top 100 list on steam greenlight! We only need a couple of votes to get onto the service and once it does, I'll finally will be able to release the new and improved version I've been working on. It got better textures / materials, more bonus maps inspired by real life hauntings, better level design and scares. So please guys let us finish this together! Thanks

Quick Note

If you payed for premium and didn't get premium role, don't worry. It could take some time before the account upgrades properly.

I'm back

Sorry for hiding behind a rock for so long but I've been pretty busy. I've been working on getting my company started and today everything is finally done. The game is now being developed by "Nordic Legacy" and I'm quite happy about it. It will be a while before the next version of the game comes out, it's done when it's done, simple as that. Anyway thank you all for being so cool about it and you will hear from me soon again.

V0.8 Change Log

-Fixed a bug where purple arrows (wtf?) showed up in House of Shadows
-New Infrared camera with built in working screen. No more holding right mouse button to see in infrared
-Fixed a bug in the Inn where the key stopped working
-Fixed the boping speed of the camera
-Fixed a rare bug where you could shoot yourself to the next level in the suburbs
-Added a new gadget "Camera" this gadget changes the design of the inn, house of shadow. There are new levels that uses this mechanic.

V0.8 Released!

The V0.8 is now released and can be downloaded for all premium users. The game comes with many improvements, new mechanics, new levels and much more. More good news is that our server provider finally changed a specific PHP script that allows all users to download a file for more than 60 seconds. Some of you might remember when you couldn't download bigger files because the download would stop. Well it's been fixed so the game can be downloaded in one piece in the premium section. Anyway, hope you enjoy the new version of the game!

Demo V0.8

There's a new demo available for download right now. It's bigger, better and more epic. The V0.8 Full version will be available later this week. Need to reconfigure some stuff before release.

Quick Update

V0.8 WILL go up this week! Yaay, finally, I've been working so hard on this update now it's crazy. So much new things and fixes this will be the best version of the game yet. This ofc mean a new demo will go online to. I also took the liberty and made the levels darker. Check back here later this week!

Rise of the Dark One - Final Version

Do you remember the Dark One? Do you remember the very first cutscene of his rise? That orange ball that came up from the ocean? Well here is the final version of that cutscene.



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