Almost there

Only got one point left on my 'To do' list, then I can finally upload V0.8, it will be out within the time frame of 1 - 2 weeks. Keep reading my update list below, as it's growing more and more.

Current Version Changes and Things I'm working on UPDATE 4

Patch Notes - Haunted Investigations V0.8
Things that are Done
-Fixed a bug where purple arrows (wtf?) showed up in House of Shadows
-New Infrared camera with built in working screen. No more holding right mouse button to see in infrared
-Fixed a bug in the Inn where the key stopped working
-Fixed the boping speed of the camera
-Fixed a rare bug where you could shoot yourself to the next level in the suburbs

New Trailer for the upcoming update


V0.8 Release Date

The next update will be available around the ending of April or very early May. Will post patch notes here soon and will be working on a new trailer. Stay Tuned!

Quick Update

So you might be wondering "where the hell is the next update?" Well it's on it's way and it's looking great so far. This update is what I've been building Haunted Investigations around and this will finally introduce the last key mechanic to the game. Investigation. By introducing the new gadget, the camera! You have a camera in your arsenal of gadgets of which you choose object around the environment that you think is a part of what is going on... Let me elaborate. If there's a knife in a room, scan the area with your UV light and check for blood.

V0.6.5 is out!

All you premium members can now play the new version of the game! Hope you enjoy the new Alpha mode, Blair Witch. I might add that you use Level select to start playing, as Im working on a new animated intro in the beginning of the menu. The camera will fly around showing new credits and story bits.

Next Version - Click to see full list

Hey everyone, next week another update will be available (v0.6.5) this update will bring a lot of new cool things to the game. Thanks to a completely new scripting tool that I'm using, I'm able to create awesome gameplay features and add more cinematic feels to each level.

Update 0.6.5

Hi everyone! Will be releasing a new update this week. 0.6.5. This version fixes some various bugs and adds some older levels back. These levels will be available in a 'Bonus' area where you can watch some concept art and re-play some very old levels. Will post update when it's ready for download. Cheers.

More Content

While I was working the other day, I came a cross an old folder which I named "Limbo", I forgot about this one. This is the folder where I put all the older maps that later evolved. Some of you will remember that in the beginning of the game, some maps looked way different than what they do now. So I think these maps should be available in the game like a bonus. So I wont do any work on them or anything, just put them out in the state of which they are in.

MAC Version Planned

Got some new equipment which will allow me to develop for Mac. So all you who owns a Mac will be able to enjoy the game soon enough!


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