Mega updates

Sorry for not giving you an update last week, here's the reason. I find it unnecessary to give you guys small updates, why would you download the entire game again just to see some improved textures, and some fixed bugs? I will be giving you bigger updates now instead. It's more exciting that way. The next version (0.5) will be giving you a lot of new cool things in the game. Like, improved graphics, physics and probably 2 new maps. I've started editing a new trailer that will show off all of these new fun stuff. Stay tuned for more info soon.

New Update This Week?

Maybe! I've been working on the Corridor level, as you all premium users might've noticed, this level was quite, odd. This is because that level was never finished when I released V0.4. So If you're lucky the game might turn into V0.4.2 this week :3
I'll post patch notes later this week. Stay Tuned!

V0.4 is LIVE!

Yes, finally. The new version of the game is now available for y'all. Hope you guys will enjoy it. If you're wondering what's new, check out the patch notes further down on the page. Cheers

Patch Notes V0.4

So the release of the big update is almost here! Here is the full list of what the patch does.

New Trailer of What's to come.

Hey guys, here's a trailer of what's to come in the big update. I guess you premium member dont recognize this level? It's House Of Shadows.


Quick Update

Evening everyone! This week I have worked a lot on the new version of the game. Like I've said before the V0.4 is going to change a lot in the game itself. It's actually going to become a... game. So the Inn have changed entirely, scares have changed, story changed, you can figure out what happened by using all your new gadgets etc. So the Demo version will change in short. I'm going to change the games story too, no more dark one. Both new members and premium members should try that one out. How the demo plays is how the entire game is going to be played.

Heavy Traffic and Unhandled Exception errors

Our webserver provider is experiencing a lot of traffic, this could result in errors on this site right here. Like Unhandled Exception errors. (a white page with spooky text on it) If you've tried to go premium there's a big chanse that you've gotten this error. Just hang in there and try again soon, I will yell some more at the technicians.

Next Map Almost Done

Yes, I'm doing some fine tuning to it so everything will work well. This map introduces a new environment, 2 new monsters, you can DIE, apple eating, a different lightsource and much much more. Look back here or on facebook to find out when it's ready for download!

Fun Fact

Here's a fun fact for you. Haunted Investigations was originaly designed as an open world game called "Zss" Zombie Survival Simulator. It was a game where you had to control your thirst, hunger and sleep level in order to survive the apocalypse... sounds familiar? yeah, once I heard that Day-Z already existed I threw the project in the trash can and started on Haunted Investigations.

New Horror System

I've been working 11 hours now on a totally new horror implemantation for the next map. It's been rough, but it's worth it. I've made an AI that randomly walks around in the darkness, it's attracted to your candle stick. So it'll pop out of the darkness to attack you randomly. Then you have to put out the candle and run around blind, hoping you loose him in the process, BUT then you have to re-light the candle hoping he's not there anymore.


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